Instructions for Abstract Submission

  1. Please click here to download VORTEX2017-YourName.zip containing three files: Abstract.tex, Figure.png and Abstract.pdf;
  2. Prepare your abstract following exactly the model in the file Abstract.tex;
  3. If your abstract includes a figure, please replace Figure.png by yours. Figure size is limited to 2 MB. If your abstract doesn’t include a figure, just send us back our original file Figure.png according to the following steps.
  4. Compile properly your Abstract.tex into Abstract.pdf and check if it reads as you wish;
  5. Create a .zip file named VORTEX2017-YourName.zip (where YourName should be your real name), containing your Abstract.tex, the proper Figure.png and your compiled file Abstract.pdf;
  6. Send this zip file to vortex2017(at)iip.ufrn.br;
  7. If, after sending your package, you want to make any change, you can submit the abstract again – we will use the latest version of your text that arrives before the deadline.