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Session A – Monday morning – chairman Hai-Hu Wen

  • 08h30-08h55 Hermann Suderow

Scanning tunneling microscopy of vortices in tilted magnetic fields       


  • 08h55-09h20 Marcin Konczykowski

Vortex matter close to the crossover between antiferromagnetic and paramagnetic ground states in iron-based superconductor                               


  • 09h20-09h45 Hugo Keller

Probing superconductity and magnetism in unconventional superconductors with positive muons      


  • 09h45-10h10   Kazuo Kadowaki

Terahertz Emission from High-Tc Superconductor Bi2212 Mesa Structures with Higher Symmetry     


Session B – Monday morning – chairman Hermann Suderow

  • 10h30-10h55 Xiao Hu

Landau-Zener-Stückelberg interferometry for Majorana qubits                                                                         

  • 10h55-11h20 Katsuya Iwaya

Superconducting states in the topological surface state of β-PdBi2                                                                          

  • 11h20-11h45 Yoshihiro Iwasa

Quantum Phase Transitions in Gate-Induced 2D Superconductors                                                                    

  • 11h45-12h10 Lia Krusin

Mesoscopic Josephson networks on topological surfaces                                                           

  • 12h10-12h35 Hai-Hu Wen      

Search for Topological Superconductivity in SrxBi2Se3 and Pressure Induced Superconductivity in Weyl Semimetal TaP


  • 12h35-13h00 Yuki Nagai

Time-reversal symmetry breaking phase, gapped surface states, and vortex-antivortex pairs in d-wave nanoislands                               


Session C – Monday afternoon – chairman Marcin Konczykowski

  • 14h30-14h55 Yakov Kopelevich

Universal metal-insulator-like transition and topologically-protected states                                                                         

  • 14h55-15h20 Valerii Vinokur

Critical behavior at the vortex Mott transition      


  • 15h20-15h45 Tatyana Baturina

Charge Berezinskii-Kosterlitz-Thouless transition in superconducting NbTiN films       


  • 15h45-16h10 Beena Kalisky

Mapping superfluid density near the superconductor insulator phase transition  


  • 16h10-16h35 Clecio Souza-Silva

Conformal Vortex Crystals   


  • 16h35-17h00 Cynthia Reichhardt

Hyperuniformity in Vortex Systems


Session D – Monday evening – chairman  Yakov Kopelevich

  • 17h30-17h55 Alexei Koshelev

Strong Landau-quantization effects in high-magnetic-field superconductivity of clean two-dimensional metals with deep and shallow bands


  • 17h55-18h20 Ivan Sadovskyy

Targeted Pinscape Evolution in Superconductors for Optimal Critical Current        


  • 18h20-18h45 Roberto Luccas

Pinning force estimation method based on a vortex position analysis                                                                    


Session E – Tuesday morning – chairman  François Peeters

  • 10h30-10h55 Eli Zeldov

Scanning SQUID-on-tip nanomagnetometry and nanothermometry of quantum systems

  • 10h55-11h20 Isabel Guillámon

Scanning tunneling microscopy studies of the vortex lattice in pnictide superconductors       

  • 11h20-11h45 Yanwei Ma

Vortex pinning and relaxation in high-Jc 122 type pnictide superconducting tapes

  • 11h45-12h10 Anatolii Polyanskii

Magneto-optical study of grain boundary transparency in thin Yb(Ca)-123 bi-crystal films managed by heat treatment in oxygen atmosphere.

  • 12h10-12h35 Leonardo Cabral

Theoretical Investigation of Two Vortex Shells Dinamics in Superconducting Disk in the Corbino GeometryPinning-Free         

  • 12h35 Supporters presentation


attocube & Quantum Design


Session F – Tuesday afternoon – chairman Eli Zeldov

  • 14h30-14h55 Joris Von de Vondel

Direct observation of condensate and vortex confinement in nanostructured superconductors using STM                                                                       

  • 14h55-15h20 Oscar de Lima

Type-II Superconductivity in Arrays of Nanostructured β-Gallium

  • 15h20-15h45 Tsuyoshi Tamegai

Anomalous Peak Effect in (Ba,K)Fe2As2 with Splayed Columnar Defects

  • 15h45-16h10 Boldizsar Janko

Reconfigurable ordering, frustration and stability of vortex matter via network science

  • 16h10-16h35 François Peeters

Flux dynamics of type I superconductors                                                          

  • 16h35-17h00 Arkady Shanenko

Between types I and II: Intertype vortex patterns in thin superconductors        


Session G – Tuesday evening – chairman Arkady Shanenko

  • 17h30-17h55    Stefano Gariglio

Superconducting properties of LaAlO3/SrTiO3 interfaces in magnetic fields     


  • 17h55-18h20    Tsutomu Nojima

Interfacial effect on high-Tc superconductivity in FeSe electric double layer transistors


  • 18h20-18h45    Mauro Doria     

Lifshitz transition in an electronic layer and the condensate of zero helicity states


Session H – Wednesday afternoon – chairman Milorad Milošević

  • 14h30-14h55 Bagnato

Quantum Turbulence in a Bose-Condensate: a tangle vortices configuration                                      

  • 14h55-15h20 Shigeru Kasahara

Quasiparticle excitations of FeSe in the vicinity of the BCS-BEC crossover                                                                     

  • 15h20-15h45 Francisco dos Santos

Dynamics of quantum vortices in Bose-Einstein condensates                                                                      

  • 15h45-16h10 Gustavo Telles

Dynamical decay of quadruply quantized vortices in a Bose-Einstein condensate                                                                      

  • 16h10-16h35 Luca Salasnich

Vortices and antivortices in two-dimensional ultracold Fermi gases                                                                     

  • 16h35-17h00 Lev Bulaevskii

Interference of antiferromagnetic ordering and superconductivity


Session I – Wednesday evening – chairman  Gianni Blatter

  • 17h30-17h55 Milorad Milosevic

Superconductivity in atomically thin MgB2                                                          

  • 17h55-18h20 Ivan Maggio-Aprile

d-wave vortex cores revealed by Scanning Tunneling Spectroscopy of YBa2Cu3O7-δ 

  • 18h20-18h45 Christophe Berthod

How disorder in the vortex positions changes the local density of states inside vortex cores: a real-space approach to Bogoliubov-de Gennes equations        

  • 18h45-19h10 Tadashi Machida

Effect of magnetic field on electronic superstructures in cuprate superconductors

  • 19h10-19h35 Mauricio Coutinho-Filho 

Magnetism and superconductivity: topology and quantum fluctuation effects

 Abrikosov Prize Cerimony


Session J – Thursday morning – chairman Jose Vicent

  • 10h30-10h55 Anna Palau

Reversible tuning of spin textures and resistance states in High Temperature Superconducting films                                                

  • 10h55-11h20 Ulrich Welp

Reconfigurable Vortex Pinning with Magnetic Charge Ice                                                         

  • 11h20-11h45 Edgar Patiño

Vortex dynamics in superconductor/ferrromagnet hybrids                                                         

  • 11h45-12h10 Paulo Pureur

Spin texture on top of flux avalanches in Nb/Al2O3/Co thin film heterostructures       

  • 12h10-12h35 Vitalii Vlasko-Vlasov

Magnetic guides and gates for Abrikosov vortices                                                          

  • 12h35-13h00 Gorky Shaw

A novel approach towards manipulation of vortex matter in a superconductor with micromagnetic structures                                                    


Session K – Thursday afternoon – chairman Dimitri Roditchev

  • 14h30-14h55 Alexander Gurevich

Generation of vortex-antivortex pairs by moving vortices and a dynamic phase slip transition in long Josephson junctions.                                                       

  • 14h55-15h20 Jose Vicent

Vortices on the move: Probing nanomagnets with different magnetic states                                                         

  • 15h20-15h45 Richard Klemm

Coherent emission from the intrinsic Josephson junctions in thermally-managed, high-symmetry  Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8+δ devices

  • 15h45-16h10 Alejandro Silhanek 

Superconducting weak links created by electromigration                                                           

  • 16h10-16h35 Yosi Yeshurun

Current-induced SQUID behavior of superconducting Nb nano-rings                                                            

  • 16h35-17h00 Enzo Granato

Superconductor-insulator transition in nanohole thin films with bond and magnetic flux disorder


Session L – Thursday evening – chairman Vadim Geshkenbein

  • 17h30-17h55 Dimitri Roditchev

Coherent quantum phenomena in superconducting atomic monolayers Pb/Si(111): A STM study

  • 17h55-18h20 Charles Reichhardt

Dynamic Phases and Hall Effect for Driven Skyrmion Lattices                                                             

  • 18h20-18h45 Jonathan White

Room temperature skyrmions and robust metastable skyrmion states in Co-Zn-Mn alloys        

  • 18h45-19h10 Dionisio Bazeia

Topological Excitations in Planar Systems

  • 19h10-19h35 Morten Eskildsen

Direct Evidence for an Internal Degree of Freedom and Broken Time Reversal Symmetry in the B-phase of UPt3                                                                                                       


Session M – Friday morning – chairman Satyajit Banerjee

  • 10h30-10h55 Leonardo Civale  

Understanding and manipulating vortex creep in superconductors                                                        

  • 10h55-11h20 Vadim Geshkenbein

Vortex in the maze   

  • 11h20-11h45 Gabriela Pasquini

Hysteretic effective pinning and vortex lattice reordering near the order-disorder transition: An interplay between plastic and elastic energy barriers?

  • 11h45-12h10 Martin Buchacek

Thermal creep of vortices within strong pinning theory                                                            

  • 12h10-12h35 Fabiano Colauto

Crossing fields in thin films of isotropic superconductors                                                          

  • 12h35-13h00 Roland Willa              

Exploring strong pinning regimes with Ginzburg-Landau simulations


Session N – Friday afternoon – chairman Alejandro Silhanek

  • 14h30-14h55 Yonathan Anahory

Imaging of super-fast dynamics and flow instabilities of superconducting vortices

  • 14h55-15h20 Yanina Fasano

Enhancement of penetration field due to surface Andreev bound states in vortex nanocrystals of  Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8-δ                                                                                             

  • 15h20-15h45 Jun-Yi Ge

Nanoscale assembly of superconducting vortices with scanning tunnelling microscope tip

  • 15h45-16h10 Maycon Motta

Magnetic Imaging of AC Susceptibility in Superconducting Thin Films                                                    

  • 16h10-16h35 Satyajit Banerjee

Evidence of superconducting and magnetic fluctuations both above and below Tc in BaFe2-xCoxAs2 single crystals                                                                      

  • 16h35-17h00 Pratap Raychaudhuri     

Magnetic field induced emergent inhomogeneity in a superconducting film with weak and homogeneous disorder                                                                


Session O – Friday evening – chairman Wilson Ortiz

  • 17h30-17h55 Herman Freire

Transport properties and new emergent phases in the cuprate superconductors

  • 17h55-18h20 Carsten Ederlein

Anti-Lenz Supercurrents in Superconducting Spin Valves                                                          

  • 18h20-18h45

Closing Session